Why there is a rising need for cyber security experts?

In the world of rapid technological advancements, businesses are digitizing their business processes. But it has presented them with significant concern for data security. As per the report by World Economic Forum, cyber attacks and security breaches costs companies over $300 bn worldwide. But in the U.S the biggest concern is the increasing gap in the cyber security talents and requirement. IT support firms in the States are experiencing higher demand for tech professional that have cyber security skillsets.

But what are the factors that are leading the hike in the demand of cyber security experts?

Demand for Cyber security Talent Continues to Rise

The driving factors that are instrumental in increasing the demand for cyber security talents are awareness and information. As per IT services consulting professionals, with business executives and owners becoming aware of the complex and continually changing world of cyber security, they have understood the importance of deploying strong security measures. Moreover, the news of recent hacking of organizations like Yahoo and U.S Government, businesses of all shapes and sizes realized that their business data could become the target of hackers.


In Dallas, over 156 emergency sirens were hacked and activated resulting in a statewide commotion and confusion. The alarms could be turned off only after 2 hours. This was a significant case of infrastructure hacks that took the whole Dallas community off the hook. But instead of questioning the motive of hackers behind the gimmick, it is essential to take adequate measures to avert such attacks.

With everything getting connected to the technology, things like traffic signals to trains, telecommunication systems to mobile devices are getting hacked and targeted by malicious criminals. This has made it a must for businesses to hire cyber security personnel and implement effective security solutions.

Though there are many ways a company can protect itself from the harm of cyber attackers, it will not guarantee them protection from sophisticated cyber attacks. Thus, it becomes a must to hire a professional cyber security expert. The shortage and importance of cyber security personnel are so much so that even FBI is considering easing the recruitment procedure of talents.

The Most In-Demand Cyber security Jobs

Cyber security Engineers: These professionals look over the task of managing the online security of the company. Their job entails them to ensure that the business networks, commercial websites, and data are secure and protected.


Information Security Analysts: Information security Analysts are highly in demand. Since businesses rely on complex and vulnerable storage solutions to store their data and critical information, the need for security analysts has increased. As per Cyber Seek, over 40,000 positions for Information Security Analyst go unfilled.

Application Security Engineers: Since hacking through business applications and software has increased, businesses are seeking for assistance from professionals that can manage the security of such applications. The increase in such attacks has raised the demand for Application Security Engineers. One can evaluate the importance of such professional by the fact that skilled professional draw an annual salary of $125,000 to $210,000